About Us

Chhattisgarh Pest Control Service is one of largest organized Pest Management Service providers based in Durg, Chhattisgarh India. It was initiated with a desire to provide a safe and healthy environment to its customers. We have changed the face of pest control industry in our region with a team of highly qualified personnel.

We offer complete Pest Management Solutions in commercial as well as residential premises and soon aim to be the market leaders in the segment. With the largest network of branches and pest control operators nationally, a superior localized service can be offered to meet individual client needs for key accounts.

We work closely with equipment and chemical manufacturers in an effort to improve our pest control services, our treatment methods, our equipment, and newer technology in chemicals. This all helps provide a better, more effective and safer pest management service for you.

Chhattisgarh Pest Control Service is a registered training organisation, and played a leading role in the development and ongoing refinement of the pest management industry competency standards.These standards are the basis of training and licencing all pest control technicians in India.

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